Here is Mailstand's Core API, a backend API that gives comprehensive control over all entities in Mailstand from Contacts to Campaigns.


Mailstand uses Basic Authentication. To learn about authenticating with Mailstand, see our guide on authentication here.

Content Type

The API is designed to communicate with your server using JSON. All responses coming from the API will send data in a valid JSON object. If you need to send data to the API, your request should set the Content-Type HTTP header to application/json.


All dates in the Mailstand API are in Unix timestamp.

General Architecture

As you dig into the API documentation you will notice that most API calls require a workspace ID. The reason for this is because workspaces are completely separate environments. No item, contact, mailbox, etc... can be used across two workspaces.


Workspaces are completely separate


We are constantly trying to improve Mailstand. If you are looking for more endpoints or have suggestions, please feel free to write into support at [email protected].